During this meeting a small review of the activities already carried out by the consortium, on-going and pending ones were exposed and discussed The main objetive of this meeting was to fix the latest issues of the NARA course to be able to launch the pilot e-learning platform in September.
The contents of each thematic were reviewed, including some pedagogic and practical aspects. Furthermore, Tecnopackaging, the NARA partner in charge of the e-learning platform, showed all the possibilities of the platform that is going to be used, a draft of a NARA module to check its appereance and also some examples of possible types of exercises to be implemented as the evaluation tool of the e-learning platform.
It was also agreed the beginning of the NARA piloting actions for the next September 5th in every consortium countries.
If you want to be enrolled in the NARA piloting actions, click the following link: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSfSTCpE-69oIme1ob092onqQTqAmSLdxzCuOAL59rFgrkCAXg/viewform
For further information, visit our NARA project web: http://naraproject.eu/en/