The Dei Scientific and Technological Park is an ecosystem of innovation and a meeting point for institutions, and companies collaborating in R&D&i.

The business model includes all the elements to become an important agent for technological transfer in the agricultural and food sector and in the society and allows offering a preferential access to knowledge, professional services and a living community with open innovation.

Specifically, the institutions that make up PCTAD are leaders in the generation of knowledge in fields such as:

  • Food quality and safety
  • Molecular biology
  • Technology and genetics in plant production
  • Plant health
  • Plant nutrition
  • Pomology
  • Technology in animal production
  • Animal health
  • Forest resources
  • Soil and water
  • Agri-food and natural resources economy
  • Fruit cultivation
  • Environment
  • Fisheries and agriculture
  • Geo-environmental processes and climate change.
  • Biodiversity and restoration…

… among others.

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