We offer advice and technical support to the demands of business
We are the partner of food businesses
Seek for funding on a regional, national and European
We support your R & D + i

The services offered by the Scientific Technological Park Foundation Aula Dei

  • Integral Control of Plant Origin Food
  • Molecular biology service
  • Food Safety and Quality of Cereal
  • Agrifood technology Marketplace
  • Coordination of technology offers and requests
  • 100% of requests met
  • Organisation of conferences, seminars and networking forums
  • Support dissemination of projects and finding partners in R + D + i
  • Scientific and technological dissemination
  • Technology transfer networks
  • Aid identification of interest to the sector
  • Support in the preparation of proposals
  • Intermediate body to support the participation in European projects

What we offer and how we can help

We are your technology partner in the development of your projects for R & D. We accompany you on any phase in which the project is located. We help you to identify ideas and job opportunities, we inform you of the calls for help that can finance and support you in the preparation of proposals. Also, we offer you specialized infrastructure to run the practical part of the project, and advise you on the best ways to exploit commercially the results. Tell us your need: We can help.
Settle in Aula Dei

Settle into the Science and Technology Park Campus of Aula Dei

Settling in the PCTAD involves gaining access to specialized technology, access to a privileged finaciación as a valuable scientific and technological community that extends internationally.