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Molecular Biology Services

The Molecular Biology Service provides the physical framework with the appropriate infrastructure to solve in a fast and precise way the main demands in genetic and genomic studies required by the transformation and marketing processes in the agricultural and food sector. The laboratory also provides scientific-technical support and assessment in the field of specific Molecular Biology services and research.

Services we offer

Agricultural and food sector
  • Detection of transgenic agents (GMO).
  • Food frauds
  • Genetic traceability
  • Detection of allergens
  • Molecular characterisation of fermented micro-organisms
Food Safety
  • Identification of pathogenic species by PCR
  • Analysis and identification of spoilage species
  • Determination of latent infections
Veterinary and Animal production
  • Diagnosis: Bird sexing
  • Detection of pathogens in animal biological samples
  • Paternity and genetic profile tests: pedigree
  • Breed upgrading:
    • Genotype associated to a Breed of Sheep upgrading (gene ROA)
    • Genetic markers
Vegetable and Fruit Production
  • Genetic characterization of vegetal material
  • Variety identification in vegetable species (fingerprinting)
  • Protection of breeder's rights and fraud detection
  • Psychopathological diagnosis: Detection of pathological agents in vegetable material
  • Genetic improvement of crops:
    • Identification of genes linked to characters of interest (associated to the quality of the fruit, resistance to pests and diseases, resistance to abiotic factors, etc.)
    • Early detection of phenotypes of interest using molecular markers
Other services
  • Genetic assessment and design of experiments
  • Comprehensive assessment by experts and customised RDI Projects

Equipment available

General equipment
  • Applied Biosystem 3130XL genetic analyser.
  • AB 7900 HT FAST real-time quantitative PCR equipment
  • Bio-Rad C1000 Thermal-cyclers.
  • Microfuge 16 Beckman microcentrifuge.
  • ALLEGRA X-22 Beckman Centrifuge.
  • Bio-Rad electrophoresis equipment.
  • Gel photo-documentation system
  • Nanodrop Termo ND2000 Spectophotometer.
  • Telstar laminar flow cabinets.
  • Memmer Universal Basic Incubator.
  • Water purifying equipment type I and II.
  • Autoclave.
  • Agitation equipment.
  • Incubation thermoblock.
  • Dry-running.
  • Additional equipment: pH metre Crison Basic 20, electronic analytical precision balances, micropipette equipment, freezers, coolers, cleaning and disinfection equipment.
  • Incubators-Agitators.