About PCTAD Foundation

Mission, vision and values


Contribute decisively to the development of a new sustainable business and research competitiveness model through innovation and technological development, favouring the exchange of knowledge and technology transfer among companies, universities and technological agents, fostering the creation and development of new companies and innovative practices and promoting the development of a culture aimed at the innovation and management of knowledge.


To become a park of reference in combining the traditional sectors key for Aragon with growing sectors with highly added value through R&D&i to thereby achieve a new sustainable business competitive model, of international reference and at the service of the society.


  1. Efficiency in the compliance of our mission, working in a coordinated fashion and networking with other agents of the system.
  2. Service vocation, flexibility and permanent attention to companies and research groups, ensuring their complete satisfaction.
  3. Honesty, transparency and fairness in our task.
  4. Innovation in the actions we undertake.
Misión, visión y valores de la Fundación Aula Dei