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Control Integral de Alimentos de Origen Vegetal

The purpose of this laboratory is to offer integral solutions for the vegetable sector to achieve a greater product quality as well as the optimisation of the productive processes. All the agents involved in the production chain are potential users of this service. Among them are farmers, first and second grade cooperatives, distributors, stockists, wholesalers and retailers.

The Molecular Biology Service provides the physical framework with the appropriate infrastructure to solve in a fast and precise way the main demands in genetic and genomic studies required by the transformation and marketing processes in the agricultural and food sector. The laboratory also provides scientific-technical support and assessment in the field of specific Molecular Biology services and research.

Food safety is currently a demand of today’s consumers as well as an imperative to open new markets. From the laboratory services of PCTAD we can help you to comply these requirements and carry out shelf life studies which are of great use in food and agricultural products. Moreover, this laboratory has the necessary equipment to carry out the cereal-specific quality analysis.